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 a Life that LIGHTS UP 

Their Soul

Are you a Smart Savvy Woman Who Knows there is More to Life, than what you are experiencing today?

 You have an inner longing and desire for more and You know you cannot play small any longer. 

This is about taking a stand, owning who you are, what you stand for and how you’re going to make it happen. 

Not in 5 years or 12 months

 ... but NOW!


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There comes a point in life when you know it's your time. 

That playing small is no longer an option!

 You have an inner longing and desire for more

Welcome, to Savvy Inspired Women,  I am Kim Gillespie,

 work with Visionary Woman who want more out of Life!

Women who are no longer willing to 'play small' .... They want to LIVE a Turned-On, Juicy Life

They are ready to Discover their Life Purpose, Create a Soul Based Business 

and make fabulous money, while leading from their Feminine and Doing what makes their Heart Sing! 

When You Step into Your Authenticity 

as a Vibrant, Empowered , Turned- On Woman 

 ....  EVERYTHING Changes !

It's Time to Step into Your Power

And to EMERGE as the On-Purpose, 

 Abundant, Fabulous Woman You Are 

Work With Me 

Find Your Calling

Are you ready to UNCOVER YOUR BRILLIANCE and Share it with the World?
  DISCOVER Your Life Purpose and turn it into a Successful and Thriving Business Niche Learn more .... 

Your Chakra's and Money

What if a Blockage in Your Chakra's was all that was Stopping You from Making 

( and Keeping) more Money? Learn more 

Live Your Life in the Miracle Zone

For Women in Mid-Life who are Ready to Take Back their Power ~ Own Who they Are 
~ Ignite their Confidence and Create a Life they Love   Learn More....

New Program

The Goddess Academy

Are you tired of settling for less ... when you crave Passion, Joy and Juicy Adventures?

Gorgeous, It's time to STOP Settling, STOP Waiting and to LIVE the Life You Desire

Come on a Journey with me to Reclaim Your Happiness, Sensuality, Pleasure and Joy

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