Helping Women in their 40's, 50's and Beyond to Take Back 
Their Power, Discover their Life Purpose, Reconnect to Who 
They Really Are and Be 
Confidently Unstoppable

Are you truly Living your Life 
-  Or are you just trying to survive each day?

Have you resigned yourself to thinking that best years of your life are behind you 
- Or are you ready to make the next half of your Life FABULOUS? 

I'm here to tell you that it is 
Never too Late to Get Your Mojo Back and Step into Your 
Passion and Life Purpose!!


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There comes a point in life when you know it's your time. 
That playing small is no longer an option! 
You have an inner longing and desire for more. 

Welcome, to Savvy Inspired Women,  I am Kim Gillespie

 As a Midlife Warrior Woman myself, I work with Visionary Women
 in their 40's, 50's and Beyond who are Done with Playing Small!  

They are ready to Say YES to LIVING a Turned-On, Juicy Life. 

They are ready to Say YES to Discovering their Life Purpose and Making Fabulous money, 

while Leading from their Feminine and Doing what Makes their Heart Sing! 

This is about Letting Go of Fear and Not Feeling Good Enough

This is about owning who you are, what you stand for

 and how you’re going to make it happen. 

Not in 5 years or 12 months ... but Starting Today!

It's time to Discover Your Calling

It's Time to Step into Your Power
It's Time to Take a Leap

It's time to Play BIG

Work With Me 

1. Midlife Warrior Woman

How to Get Your Mojo Back and Make the 2nd half of your Life FABULOUS!! 

2.  I AM Woman 31 Day Online Retreat

Join me for a magical 31 -day experience, 

where you will FIRE your Inner Critic

 Create an ABUNDANCE Mindset and Fall in Deeply Love With YOU 

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Mobile - 0407 747 110