Re-Inventing YOU

Helping Savvy Women Who are Done with Playing Small to Go From Stuck and Frustrated To Playing BIG in their Life

 and Career and Living their Life

 in the Miracle Zone 


 Prepare to gain Life Changing Tools to help you:

  • CLARIFY and LIVE your Life Purpose
  • CLAIM Your Message and Monetize Your Purpose
  • RELEASE your Inner Critic and Move Past Fear and Self Doubt
  • STEP INTO Your Greatness
  • OWN your true Value
  • TAP into Your Inner Power and Strength
  • CREATE a Powerful Vision for Your Future


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 There comes a point in life when you know it's your time. 

That playing small is no longer an option!

 You have an inner longing and desire for more

Welcome, to Savvy Inspired Women,  I am Kim Gillespie

 work with Visionary Woman who want more out of Life!

As a Women's Empowerment Mentor, I see so many Brilliant, Savvy Women who are feeling Stuck 

and Frustrated , they have BIG Dreams and Visions for the Future and many of them could change lives

 ... but they are letting Fear and Self Doubt stop them !


The problem is .... They do not see their own Brilliance!

I know what that is like .... So for a long time I put my dreams on hold  

because I was scared of failure and of not being good enough

... the only problem was it left me feeling stuck, frustrated and depressed, 

because I was not doing the work I longed to do in this world.

Today I work with Visionary Women in their 40's, 50's and Beyond

 who are Done with Playing Small!  

These Women may have put their lives on hold to raise their children

 or maybe they have worked in a Job that they did not enjoy ... just to pay the bills!

But it is NOW THEIR TIME and they are more than ready!

They are ready to Say YES to LIVING a Turned-On, Juicy Life. 

They are ready to Say YES to Discovering their Life Purpose and Making Fabulous money, 

while Leading from their Feminine and Doing what Makes their Heart Sing! 

This is about Letting Go of Fear and Not Feeling Good Enough

This is about owning who you are, what you stand for

 and how you’re going to make it happen. 

Not in 5 years or 12 months ... but Starting Today!

It's time to Discover Your Calling

It's Time to Step into Your Power
It's Time to Take a Leap

It's time to Play BIG

Work With Me 

Playing Big ~ Re-Invent Your Career

How to UNLEASH Your Calling  UNCOVER YOUR BRILLIANCE and Share it with the World

 DISCOVER Your Life Purpose and turn it into a Successful and Thriving Business Niche Learn more .... 

Playing Big ~ How to Re-Invent Your Life!

Helping Women in their 40's, 50's and beyond Go from feeling Stuck, Frustrated and Discontented, 

To Thriving and Totally Connected to their Soul and Living their Life in the Miracle Zone!


Contact Kim

Email - 

Mobile - 0407 747 110