Power Pressure Cookers Best Picks

Power Pressure Cooker Review and Best Picks

Power pressure cookers have become the best and easiest way to prepare healthy and delicious meals within a very short time. If you are looking for an appliance that will help realize your dreams and make your cooking fast, then a pressure cooker is not an option but a ‘must-have’ in your kitchen.

With this power pressure cooker review and best picks, we will try to look at some of the most suitable options in the market and help you decide the one that best works for you. There are multiple brands available and each is worth your consideration if you are to find the best.

Consider the Sizes

Before looking at the list of pressure cookers that are highly rated based on user reviews, it is good to remember that these appliances come in different sizes. As such, you will need to look at the most suitable size that will serve your needs and offer convenience when it comes to cooking.

When looking for the best power pressure cooker size, it is important to note that you cannot fill the appliance with liquids to the brim or go beyond half or two-thirds of the capacity indicated.

Cooking with pressure cookers requires empty space for steam otherwise your cooking experience could be dangerous. Pressure cookers come in 3 common sizes namely: –

  • 4 quarts – This is suitable for preparing single side dishes or for single people not intending to cook a lot of food.
  • 6 quarts – These are ideal for families that need to prepare food for more than 2 people. They are more popular.
  • 8 quarts – these are suitable for preparing large portions for storing or for large families.

You will also find other pressure cookers with 16 quarts, 18 quarts and 23 quarts capacity but these are commonly designed for canning meats, vegetables and other foods which are low in acids.

Other Essential Factors

Some of the pressure cooker brands which are highly rated include Instant Pot and Preston. This is based on power pressure cooker review on safety, functionality, durability (based on material used) and pricing. It is also important to look at things such as regulators.

When looking for the best regulator, consider one with the maximum PSI of 15. This will help maintain the right cooking speed and anything below this will only make your experience slower. In addition, you should consider things such as pressure release mechanism, handles and cover interlock mechanism. All these will guarantee durability and safety during use.