Shift from just surviving to fully living &  radiating your feminine power so that you can live a more wildly, beautiful, radiant & pleasure filled  life

It’s Your Turn to Uplevel, Be Unapologetically YOU

and Design & Manifest the Life you have always Dreamed of!  

Welcome! Have you set any of these intentions for 2021?​

  • No more letting past setbacks & trauma stop me​

  • I have had enough of feeling 'Not Good Enough'​​​

  • I am ready for more MAGIC in my life​​

  • It's time to Design and Manifest a Life I LOVE 



You know you’re ready.

And the time is now!

Darling the Life You Desire is Available for You!

NOW is the time to give Yourself Permission to Let Go Of Old Experiences, Beliefs & Stories that dim your light and keep you playing small. NOW Is the time to Spread Your Wings And Fly. NOW is the time to DESIGN Your LIFE



“Kim will help you remove your blocks & heal your past" Jenny


This is about standing up and being visible, despite your fears

This is about ditching self doubt 

This is about getting out of your own way

This is about knowing 'You Are Enough'

This is about bouncing back after setbacks

​This is about owning who you are & what you stand for

No more hoping or wishing

This is about Stepping into your Purpose

This is about BE-ing Authentically YOU  


 Not in 12 months or 5 years ... but Starting Today!



It's Time to Step into Your Power


​It's Time to Take a Leap


​It's time to Play BIG


  • What if you had the CONFIDENCE to follow your heart and passion and LIVE your purpose

  • IMAGINE letting go of feeling 'not good enough', so you feel worthy and DESERVING of attracting your hearts desires

  • IMAGINE Being DONE with people pleasing and living by other’s expectations

  • ​What if you could STOP SETTLING a mediocre life ​& MANIFEST the life, relationship, career, business & adventures you have always dreamed of​

  • What if you could go all out on your BIG VISION in 2021?

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