• Do you find yourself struggling to make money in your business?

  •  Do you feel like you work so hard but just can’t get ahead?​​​


  • Is it time to CLEAR what is holding you back in your business or career so you can Play Bigger in 2019?

Did you know that blocked or imbalanced chakras could limit your cash flow,

regardless of how hard you are working?

You see your business is an expression of you!

If you have internal blocks - then your business has also!


That is why you can do course after course and have so much knowledge

- but if your energy is blocked - you will struggle to create the success you desire.

If you have a lack money story - your business will have it also.


If you're afraid to be seen - your business will never be fully seen.


If you're afraid to speak your voice - no one will hear your message


In order to have a fully aligned, successful business

you must first clear your energy blocks and limiting beliefs

The Chakras are the source of your energies of abundance, confidence, passion & action 

Some of the key manifestations of a Business Chakra Block are:


Root Chakra - The Root Chakra represents your foundation and feeling of being grounded and safe, if it is blocked, it can prevent you from moving forward in your business

A blocked Root Chakra expresses itself in these ways:

  • You have difficulty achieving your goals

  • You feel un-grounded and unfocused

  • You feel unsupported

  • You worry about how to survive financially

  • You often wonder if you should go out and get a real job


Sacral Chakra  - This is where your business vision & mission is created 

A blocked Sacral Chakra expresses itself in these ways:

  • You have difficulty Receiving 

  • You have lost your creativity and passion 

  • You're holding onto past guilt, shame or trauma and have an active inner critic

  • You're having a hard time charging for your services - deep down you worry that you're not good enough/ready enough/educated enough


Solar Plexus  - the leadership chakra.  The Solar Plexus is all about personal power & confidence. Once we are able to unlock this area we become a magnet to our clients. 

A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra expresses itself in these ways:

  • You do not trust your strengths

  • You find it hard to move into action

  • You avoid making decisions

  • You self-sabotage

  • You procrastinate

  • You are a perfectionist

  • You compare yourself to other entrepreneurs 

  • You hold onto 'victim stories'

  • You feel 'disempowered' 

Heart Chakra  - the link between making money and “following your bliss” 

A blocked Heart Chakra expresses itself in these ways:

  • You tell yourself -   “I am not feeling loved/fully appreciated

  • You feel like you are not earning the amount of money you know you are worthy of earning - and that makes you disappointed and resentful

  • You envy your colleagues and their progress 

  • You have trouble converting sales calls

Throat Chakra   where we are able to consciously communicate our vision, dreams, and purpose that provides our employees, customers and clients the opportunity to resonate with our message.

Third Eye -  This is the chakra of seeing and connecting to our inner vision. 

A blocked Third Eye Chakra expresses itself in these ways:

  • You have issues with sales

  • Your head is so scattered ​ - you have too many tabs open in your brain 

  • You feel stuck and cannot see beyond your problems.

  • ​​​​You spend too much time dreaming and imagining, rather than taking inspired action.

  • You don't trust your intuition


Crown - The Crown is where the magic happens.When the crown is fully in flow, so is the rest of your life! You are 100% living your true purpose and always connect with the right people, at the right time. Your desires just HAPPEN!  You can fully trust the Universe


A blocked Crown Chakra expresses itself in these ways:​

  • You're disconnected from your purpose  

  • You're struggling - No matter how hard you work,  things are just not happening as you want them to

  • You're not living the abundant life you're meant for

Aligned Business Energetics uses Kim's  "Chakra Alignment Method,"

which is a combination of Energetic Clearing Work, EFT &  Chakra Balancing 

During your Business Energetic Balance we look at all issues that are happening in your Business to see where blocks are occurring ....  then shift and clear that energy.

The Business Chakra Energetic Alignment can help you to:

  • RELEASE old beliefs and stories that keep you stuck

  • CLEAR Energetic Blocks

  • END Procrastination and Overwhelm

  • Step out of Self Doubt

  • Step into your true POWER

  • Take focused ACTION

  • Realize your VISION & PURPOSE and attract it effortlessly

  • Step into a role of genuine leadership in your business and life.

  • LET GO of resistance to achieving your goals

  • Become powerfully ALIGNED to Your Business Vision

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or working professional and you want to create greater wealth, this session is going to help clear the way for more success and opportunity 

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