The Awakened Woman



  • Have you lost your joy & mojo? Have you ever thought "This is not what I signed up for"

  • Are you longing to Re-Connect to the Radiant Woman who Adores Herself and Her Life?


  • Are You Ready to Embrace More Love, Laughter, Pleasure and Happiness in your Life?

  • Are you wanting to become more MAGNETIC to opportunities, love and life itself? 


  • Isn't it time to LET GO of the stress & struggle, IGNITE Your Spark and SHINE? 




Welcome Gorgeous!

As women in this modern world - we have more choice, freedom and opportunity than ever before , yet it seems now more than ever before, there is an epidemic of worn-out, exhausted & unfulfilled women.

Do you desire to live fully as the passionate, spiritual, empowered, loving,

creative and sensual woman, you know you truly are?

As a Coach and Counselor, so many women come to see me feeling tired, worn out, exhausted and nothing like the juicy, vibrant woman they want to be. They are overcommitted, overconnected, overburdened, and overwhelmed ... and then dropping into bed at night exhausted. 


​They have lost their mojo and their happiness

They feel worn out and exhausted

They feel 'not enough'

They smile through the emptiness


They overwork - trying to do it all and be everything for everyone 

Their intimate relationships suffer

​and feel nothing like the Vibrant, Juicy Woman they used to be!

Almost always, it comes down to the same thing: they are striving in their masculine energy!

​​This non stop 'doing' keeps our feminine sympathetic nervous system on high alert and if we keep going this way, eventually something has to give​. If we don't give ourselves time to pause, the Universe will give it to us, in the form of a 'wake-up call' ... that is: an illness, depression, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, burn-out or crisis that will require us to STOP.

 If you listen to your body when it whispers

….you won’t have to hear it scream.” 

But things can shift rapidly when a woman reconnects with her natural feminine essence

When a woman is fully connected to her feminine essence,her stress and overwhelm go down

She feels more energised and radiant


She is more magnetic - to people and opportunities 

She feels more joyful and alive

The Awakened Woman  is what Your Feminine Soul has been Waiting For 


These sessions are a Sacred Unraveling, that will help you to Reduce the Stress & Overwhelm, Recharge &  Step into your Feminine Essence & Radiance. It is a potent combination of Sacred Feminine Practices, Healing &  Chakra Balancing (with extra focus on the Heart & Sacral Chakra) that will help you to:​​

  • Experience the Unraveling of everything the World told you to be and come home to YOU

  • Nurture and Support a New Way of BE-ing

  • Shift Stuck Energy and Emotions to reduce the stress & overwhelm ​​

  • Feel more grounded, calm and relaxed

  • Experience a Womb Blessing  ​​​​(The womb energy center is the center of strength, empowerment, joy and abundance for women)


  • ACTIVATE Your FEMININE ESSENCE so you can feel more juicy, radiant, and alive  

  • RE-CONNECT to your Feminine Strength, Creativity and Sensuality

  • Release more of the past and step into the future with joy, love, strength and self-belief.


Gorgeous, the World is waiting for you to step out of your shadow, to shine brighter and Embrace the Divine Goddess You Are. Come replenish your tank, let go of what no longer serves you, and learn new tools to help you LOVE the Woman you are and bring her forward into the world!

Darling Beautiful Woman You Deserve This!


COST - $100 for a 60 Minute Session


Pay by Cash or Card on the Day

Where - Noosaville QLD

Make an Appointment Today - Call or SMS Kim on 0407 747 110

Available Monday - Saturday

COVID Safe Plan in place


When you step into the genuine and fully embodied expression of your divine feminine ~  magic happens


Isn't it time to start saying YES?

YES to joy

YES to ease and flow

YES to loving your body

YES to Self Love


If you are done feeling tired and exhausted. If you are ready to LET GO of Stress and Struggle. 

If you are ready to IGNITE Your Juiciness and Radiance as a Woman


Then BOOK Your Session Today

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‘Where there is woman, there is magic.’ – NTOZAKE SHANGE

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