The Soul Aligned Niche Quest



Isn't it time you make a living ( and a difference) following your passion?


Helping Women to gain clarity around their Life Purpose,

so they can make an IMPACT and an INCOME doing what fires up their soul

Welcome Gorgeous!


You have incredible gifts to share with the world

You know you are here for more ... a calling .... your life purpose


You don't want to sit in a dreary office working 9-5 building someone else's dream


You want to stand for something BIGGER


You want to CREATE a BUSINESS built around your Passion, Purpose and Gifts

that allows you to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM doing what you LOVE

But, right now, you are probably stuck on one of these things:

  • You are already a Entrepreneur, Coach, Counsellor or Healer, but are STRUGGLING to make an Income, and are wondering of you should just give up and go back to working 9-5?

  • You have heard all of this talk about finding a NICHE - but you are good at so many things and are STUCK trying to figure out what your NICHE is?

  • You want CLARITY on your IDEAL CLIENT, your Message, your Core Offer and your LIFE PURPOSE?

  • You are still STUCK working 9-5 in a job you hate ( or have just been retrenched) - you want to ESCAPE the 9-5 and do what fills your soul - but WHAT & HOW? 

I help Coaches, Healers and Creatives to FIND Their BUSINESS SWEETSPOT and Uncover their SOUL ALIGNED BUSINESS NICHE, so they can get clear on their MESSAGE and NICHE & attract their IDEAL CLIENTS and make an INCOME and an IMPACT doing what they love!

This is an invitation for Women who are feeling a stirring in their soul


For Women who know there is more to life than what they are experiencing today

For Women who are ready to build their own Dream ( not someone else's) 

For Women who are ready to make an INCOME doing what fills their soul

A BUSINESS SWEETSPOT VIP Session with Kim will offer you the tools, support, clarity and guidance 

to journey to a deeper understanding of Yourself, Your Life Purpose, Your Superpowers and Your Soul Fuelled Business Niche and your BIG VISION

Discover Your Business Sweetspot~ Can Help You To:

STEP 1 - Uncover Your Superpowers & Business Sweetspot

  • Know your UNIQUENESS and what you offer so you can reach more people with your Souls Message

  • You’ll get deeper clarity around your Life Purpose, Mission and who you’re called to help the most

  • Get clear on your WHY and use it to fuel momentum in your Business

  • BE an AUTHENTIC Confident Expression of YOU and STEP Into the Life you came here to Live

STEP 2 - Uncover Your Unique Niche

  • PACKAGE your Life Purpose, Mission, Message, Superpowers and Strengths into One Unique Business Niche, so You can CREATE a Compelling Message that Helps You STAND OUT in the Marketplace

  • Gain CLARITY on what sets you apart from other people selling the same products/services


STEP 3 - GET CLEAR on Your Ideal Clients

  • Discover WHO your Ideal Clients are - your Tribe - the ones who can't wait to work with you - and start attracting them with EASE. You'll receive a proven template to discover who it is that wants what you have to offer. After answering these questions, you'll gain instant clarity on your Ideal Client​ and how to create the marketing materials they will love.

  • Learn how to answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of inner alignment that will have clients saying 'YES' to your services

You'll walk away from DISCOVER YOUR BUSINESS SWEETSPOT with CLARITY of your Unique Life Purpose and the work you came here to do as well as how to INTEGRATE Your Purpose, Passion, Talents and Gifts Into a UNIQUE Business Niche

Step 4 - 

NOW is the time to be in charge of your future!

NOW is the time to go big, be BOLD and create the Life You Desire

If you are ready to END the CONFUSION and truly LIVE the LIFE that allows more Passion, Purpose and Abundance then Book Your NICHE CLARITY session Today!

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born

and the day you find out why." Mark Twain

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