Chakra Balance for Women

​If you’re feeling stuck in your life, taking a look at your chakras can give you some insight.


Did you know that blocked or imbalanced chakras could contribute to feeling sluggish, stressed, limit your abundance and even contribute to weight gain


The Women's Chakra Balancing Sessions will help you Harness the Power of your Chakras

for more EASE & FLOW in Your  Life



A Chakra Balance is like a spring clean for your energetic system

as it helps to release old energy that has been stuck in the body’s energy system. 


 The Women's Chakra Balance works on a very deep emotional level, removing stagnant energy and blocks that are preventing you from moving forward with your life.  By releasing this old, heavy energy, the path is then clear for healthy, clear energy to enter your system, allowing you to be more in alignment with who you want to be.  


When you have a block in a chakra, it’s a bit like a garden hose with a kink in it, the water dribbles out or sometimes it is blocked completely. When you release the block, it flows easily because there’s no obstacle. 

A regular Chakra Balance keeps your energy healthy and flowing, resulting in a more calm and fulfilled life.

How it works

While lying fully clothed on a massage table, Kim intuitively connects to each Chakra, then, she begins the healing using crystals and energy work. Unwanted energy blockages are removed, the chakras are opened, balanced and nourished therefore restoring health and well-being through the energy centers. 


 By the end of the session most people feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. 

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Book Your Session 

Where - Noosaville QLD Australia

Session Cost - $85 AUD

Hi, I am on Holidays until October 2021, Kim xxx

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