Chocolate for a Woman's Soul

Experience a SACRED PAUSE to help you Re-Connect to your Radiant, Feminine Power

Chocolate for a Woman's Soul is Your UNPLUGGING . You will leave this healing session with Kim feeling truly rested, yet awakened in body, heart and soul and more confident in who you are as a Woman, so you can SHINE your light brightly in the world

​​​​Welcome Gorgeous!


As women in this modern world - we have more choice, freedom and opportunity than ever before , yet it seems now more than ever before, there is an epidemic of worn-out, exhausted & unfulfilled women 


So many women come to see me feeling exhausted both emotionally,

physically and spiritually and nothing like the juicy, vibrant woman they want to be.


They have lost their mojo and their joie-de-vivre

They are overcommitted, overworked, overburdened, and overwhelmed

... and then they drop into bed at night exhausted.


So they take multivitamins


They eat and exercise well

But they are still chronically tired

They feel disconnected from their body

And nothing like the Vibrant, Juicy Woman they used to be!


Almost always, it comes down to the same thing: they are striving in their masculine energy!



...Being productive

They are permanently stuck in “go” mode

and lose connection to their "feminine flow” 


These women can push for years, running on adrenaline and fumes


and if they keep going this way

.... eventually something has to give​

( Click Here to learn more about Masculine/Feminine Energy)



 If you listen to your body when it whispers

….you won’t have to hear it scream.” 

When a Woman is feeling tired, stressed and disconnected and when she loses her zest for life

~ this is the exact moment she needs to stop, rest, heal and renew her feminine spirit. 


If we don't give ourselves time to Pause, the Universe will give it to us instead in the form of an illness, depression, anxiety, burn-out or mid life crisis that will require us to STOP.


 Our bodies are starved for deeper nourishment!



Chocolate for a Woman's Soul is Your Unplugging 

It is a Sacred Pause  for your Feminine Soul​




Chocolate for a Woman's Soul will help you to:


  • RELAX & CALM your overworked nervous & adrenal system

  • Learn Deep Feminine Restorative Practices to NOURISH your Soul

  • Stop Doing and Start BE-ing

  • Return to more Balance and Harmony 

  • RECEIVE the Deep Rest & Nourishment that your Soul Desires​


  • LEARN practices to step out of your Masculine Energy and REIGNITE Your JUICY FEMININE ALIVENESS​
  • Experience  greater levels of Compassion, SELF LOVE & Forgiveness 

  • EMBRACE your Joie De Vie 
  • IGNITE your Sensuality


  • EMERGE nourished, revitalized and joy-full


Darling Beautiful Woman You Deserve This!

Chocolate for a Woman's Soul is a UNIQUE Blend of Feminine Empowerment Practices, Chakra Balancing & Restorative Healing to help you Slow Down & Rejuvenate your Feminine Spirit and is available in Noosa Australia


COST - $60 for a 60 Minute Session


Pay by Cash or Card on the Day

Make an Appointment Today - Call or SMS Kim on 0407 747 110

Available Monday - Saturday

We’re at a moment in history when more women are being called to lead

- but how can we lead when we are chronically exhausted?


If you are done feeling tired and exhausted. If you are ready to LET GO of Stress and Struggle. If you are ready to Rejuvenate Your Soul. If you are ready to IGNITE Your Juiciness and Radiance as a Woman

Then BOOK Your Session Today

Consider This Your Invitation to Living a Luminous, Turned-On Life

Let the Awakening Begin

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