Confidently YOU

End Self Doubt ~  Tame your Inner Critic ~ Awaken Your Limitless Potential

  •  Has low confidence & self doubt been holding you back from experiencing everything you desire in life? ​

  • Are you tired of feeling not good enough/not worthy enough/not loveable enough/not successful enough?
  • Do you have a nasty Inner Critic?

  • ​Are you finally ready to Live a Life that you are so in love with,​ that you cannot wait to jump out of bed in the morning 

Research shows that 85% of people suffer from low confidence and self-esteem. 

 What would you do if you felt more confident?

  • What would your Relationship look like?

  • Would you put yourself forward for a promotion at work?

  • Maybe set up your own business?

  • Would you feel more at ease in social situations?

  • What Dream you would follow?

When you believe in yourself and have confidence in your ability

you can live the limitless life you dream of!

Life is full of ups and downs, curve balls, and painful experiences which can erode our confidence

But, no matter what happened in the past, you can rewrite your story


'Confidently You' is perfect for you, if:

  • You experience LOW CONFIDENCE and SELF DOUBT and it shows up in many areas of your life - your career/asking for a raise/starting a business/writing that book/selling your artwork/dating/having the relationship you dream of etc.

  • You often feel 'NOT GOOD ENOUGH' 

  • You compare yourself negatively to others

  • You are capable, conscientious, and hardworking but feel like a FRAUD at work 

  • You have trouble communicating your needs and setting 'BOUNDARIES' with others

  • You are a PEOPLE PLEASER

  • You have a nasty 'INNER CRITIC'​

  • You are reluctant to 'put yourself out there' or try new things

  • You have trouble accepting compliments

  • You experience social ANXIETY

  • In RELATIONSHIPS you feel INSECURE or needy, you 'second-guess' what your partner is thinking when it is 'all going to fall apart'


  • Be the CREATOR of your life .... not the victim of it 

  • Sparkle and SHINE and feel good in your own skin

  • Wake up, jump out of bed with JOY and PURPOSE, excited to start your day by living and being the woman you have always dreamt to be

  • Be Unapologetically & AUTHENTICALLY YOU

If you are ready to reclaim your joy, build your confidence and create a bold vision for your future

then listen closely, because this is the most important thing you will read today

Hi, I am Kim Gillespie and I know what it is like to experience crippling low self confidence and self doubt and for many years I let it stop me . I had a 'Nasty Inner Critic' who told me things like - 'you're not good enough', 'you're not important' , 'everyone else is more talented/special enough etc etc....  and as you can imagine it stopped me from fully living my life!

So what changed to get me to where I am now? I did!! 


I began my journey to RECLAIMING ME!

I did the Inner Healing

I cleared the old beliefs and stories that told me I was 'not good enough'

I tamed my Inner Critic 

I changed my mindset


Fast forward to today and life is rather amazing!

I am in a wonderful relationship with a man I love dearly

I live in a beautiful house at the seaside

I have a business that fuels my soul and helps Women just like you to know at a DEEP LEVEL that they are GOOD ENOUGH, to tame their INNER CRITIC, to let go of SELF DOUBT, to RE-WRITE their Story and have UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE, so they can CLAIM their Crown as Queen of their Own Life!

My magic is helping you peel back the layers of who the world told you to be

to uncover your Authentic. Limitless & Confident Self

It's Time to STOP Dimming Your Light


It's Time to STOP Playing Small




It's Time to STOP SETTLING for mediocre

It's time to know you are GOOD ENOUGH

It's time to start BELIEVING in yourself and your DREAMS

Over 4 Powerful Sessions, Confidently You Will Help You To:

  • Heal the Negative Memories that undermine your self belief and confidence, so you have the ability to move on from them with UNSHAKEABLE SELF BELIEF

  • Implement a critical MINDSET SHIFT that will unlock unwavering confidence and sky-high self-esteem​

  • END feeling not good enough/not worthy enough/not loveable enough/not successful enough

  • Befriend your INNER CRITIC ( you know -  that negative inner voice that sets you up for failure and tells you you are hopeless/a failure/not good enough)

  • AUTOMATICALLY TRIGGER Self Confidence in Difficult Situations

  • END being a 'people pleaser' or 'Little Miss Perfect'

  • Feel Confident setting Boundaries with others & start focusing on your own feelings and needs

  • Learn CONFIDENCE BUILDING SELF TALK  - you will learn the latest discovery about how to do self talk that instantly improves your mood and performance

  • SHIFT into a POWERFUL Place where you feel EXCITED, INSPIRED & willing to trust in possibility​

  • GET CLEAR on your Dreams and Vision for the Future​​

  • Give yourself permission to make HAPPINESS & PLEASURE a priority in your life

Is it Time for You to SHINE?


To see if Confidently YOU is the right fit for you and also for you to experience working with me, I would like to GIFT you a FREE NO OBLIGATION Clarity Breakthrough Session


Here is what we will do together in this valuable free session


  • Get really clear on your goals both short term and long term  

  • Help you get aha moments and GREAT clarity 

  • Tell you exactly what you should focus on first to move forward

  • My best recommendation for strategy and next steps you should take 

  • My honest evaluation of what’ possible for you - big picture - based on your goals



What would BE possible if you could let go of the self doubt & truly believe YOU ARE ENOUGH?


  • What would your relationships look like?

  • Your Career or Business?

  • Your Health?

  • Would you feel happier, more content and joyful?


Imagine having the CONFIDENCE to go after your dreams?

​You could keep hoping and wishing that you magically fall into a new life. 


OR, you can dig deep and build your self-belief and self-esteem from within

and create an inspiring vision for your life


. . . AND actually start living it!

Young woman relaxing in summer sunset sk




You are not what your parents/teachers/school bully or old bosses told you!


You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your story

You are so much more …

Are you ready to stop listening to those old stories?

Are you ready to HEAL the PAST


Are you ready to STOP putting your dreams on hold?

You have the power right now to make a change in your life...

...Just make the choice to go and DO it.


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