Is it Time to Change Your Story?

We all have a story that plays in our head.

It tells us what we can and can’t do, what we should believe, and how we should act.

My stories used to stop me from dreaming and taking chances.

But I don’t get hung up on them anymore because I know I have the power to rewrite them. 


Helping Women who are in the midst of change, who are stuck in the middle of the “I don’t know” part of their life to heal the past, let go of fear and not feeling good enough, rewrite their story and IGNITE their MAGIC, so they can live the juicy, passion filled life they desire

You Are Feeling It....

The Inner Restlessness

The Frustration

The Feeling that there is More to Life than what you are Currently Experiencing

You have sat on the Sidelines of Your Life for Too Long

 You know deep in your soul that it’s time for change.

You Desire more Freedom, Passion & Purpose

You Crave More Joy, Pleasure & Abundance

You want to feel more Loved, Deserving & Worthy

You want to Live a Life that Fills Your Soul

A Life where you are Consciously Creating Your Dreams

If You Don't Like Your Current Story -

Then it's TIME to Re-Write It!

Humans are storytelling creatures. We make sense of the world through telling 'stories' about it.

These stories express and define what we believe we can do and who we believe we can be. 

But what happens when we tell ourselves a harsh story

focused only on our past hurts, trauma & perceived faults and failings? 


Stories like:

  • “I have to accomplish X in order to be worthy of Y”

  • "Because I am divorced, I'm unloveable"

  • “Certain experiences have broken me”

  • "I am not good enough"

  • “Because xyz happened, I’m a failure”

  • "No one will buy my products"

  • “I must never show weakness or make mistakes”

  • "I'll always be broke"



These unhealthy storylines keep us stuck



Let's try an experiment, think about something you desire .... 

Maybe it is More Money? Love? A New Job? A Business? Better Health? Weight Loss?


Now listen to the stories you tell yourself about why you cannot achieve it!


  • What is the old disempowering story that you hold on to?

  • Is this story serving you?

  • Is this story Empowering?

  • Are you the heroine or the victim?

  • Is it time to stop letting your old story determine your life?


Life is full of ups and downs, curve balls, and painful experiences

which can lead to a loss of direction, no sense of self-worth & unhappiness



But, no matter what your past story is , you can re-write your story


Who's Writing the Script Of Your Life? 


YOU are the writer, director and lead actor in your story 

(not your parents, friends, school teacher, ex husband or the person who bullied you at school)


What would you like the story of your life to be?

Deeper Love and Intimacy

Financial Freedom

Travel and Adventure

Business or Career Success

More Health and Vitality

Kim's Zone of Genius is Helping Women Just Like You, to Heal and Release the Past, Get UNSTUCK, RE-WRITE a New EMPOWERED Story

and Become the HEROINE of their Life.... and do it FAST


Re-Write Your Story & Design Your Life Can Help You To:


  • Learn powerful techniques to RELEASE past hurts & trauma QUICKLY!

  • Breakthrough your fears

  • FIRE your Inner Critic and END SELF DOUBT​ and feeling Not Good Enough

  • CLEAR any Resistance to the MAGNIFICENT, ABUNDANT life you desire

  • SHIFT into a POWERFUL Place where you feel EXCITED, INSPIRED & willing to trust in possibility

  • TRANSFORM pain into passion and purpose, and wounds into wisdom



  • GET CLEAR on your Dreams and Vision for the Future

  • Embrace your Heroic SUPERPOWERS

  • Give yourself permission to make HAPPINESS & PLEASURE a priority in your own life 

  • Gain the COURAGE to turn your DESIRES into reality 

  • RECEIVE the ABUNDANCE that is waiting for you ( this technique is Manifesting on Steroids!)

  • Find CLARITY, focus, & direction for your next steps

  • IGNITE YOUR MAGIC  & become the Heroine of your Own Life

Life is too short to stay STUCK

I believe in working FAST .... no doubt you have spent a lot of time feeling stuck

..... and I don't want you to waste another 6 months, 1 year or 5 years!!

Let's HEAL the past and TRANSFORM your Future



How would your life be different if you could...

 STOP sitting on the Sidelines of Your Life?


Create more SUCCESS in your Business or Career? 

Feel CONFIDENT knowing you're taking steps every day

towards even more happiness, freedom and joy?

Feel more Loved, Deserving & WORTHY?

Feel more HEALTHY, vital and alive?

Live a Life where you are CONSCIOUSLY CREATING Your Dream s


What are you ready to let go of?

And what are you ready to create?


Click the Button Below to Schedule a Free Clarity Breakthrough Session

to see if Rewrite Your Story and Design Your Life is a good fit for you.


Here is what we will do together in this valuable free session


  • Get really clear on your goals both short term and long term  

  • Get Clear on the biggest obstacles that are stopping you 

  • Help you get aha moments and GREAT clarity 

  • Tell you exactly what you should focus on first to move forward

  • My best recommendation for strategy and next steps you should take 

  • My honest evaluation of what’ possible for you - big picture - based on your goals






You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your story

You are so much more …

Are you ready to stop listening to those old stories?

Are you ready to HEAL the PAST


Are you ready to STOP putting your dreams on hold?

You have the power right now to make a change in your life...

...Just make the choice to go and DO it.


There are no magic pills

There are no fairy godmothers

But this is a chance to finally Heal the Past ~ Re-Write Your Old Stories

and Design Your Future! 



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