Fire Your Inner Critic

Do you have an Inner Critic? You know - that nagging voice inside your head that constantly criticizes you and puts you down, telling you that you must try harder and do better, or else you might be discovered for the fraud you really are - reminding you how unworthy you are and keeping you stuck in fear and self doubt?

It’s time to stop listening to your inner critic

The world is waiting for you to shine bright

Young woman in straw hat standing on wet

What has your Inner Critic been telling you?

  • You are not good/important enough 

  • You can't do that

  • You are not smart/beautiful/successful enough

  • You don't deserve ... love/success/wealth ( add your own words) 

  • You are a failure

  • You are flawed

  • You are too slow 

  • You are too messy

  • You should be able to handle this 

  • Who do you think you are?

Because you are readying this page I believe that you are DONE

with letting this inner critical voice stop you from living the life you desire!


  • You’re DONE with people pleasing and living by other’s expectations

  • You’re DONE playing small and hiding away in fear

  • You're DONE with settling for a mediocre life

  • You are DONE with listening to all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”

  • You are DONE with perfectionist thinking & over-analyzing 

Gorgeous, there is another way

I work with sensitive women like you, who are outwardly successful, but on the inside they have a critical inner voice that leaves them feeling not good enough, drained, overwhelmed and uninspired. 

If it is time to Transform Your Inner Critic Into Your Personal Cheerleader,

I invite you to work with me

SHINE - Fire Your Inner Critic Jump-start Sessions are a potent mix of Tranformational Coaching, EFT and Hypnotherapy with Kim via Zoom

Over these 3 powerful private sessions you will:

  • Befriend Your Inner Critic

  • Be bolder and more confident

  • Create more self-compassion, self belief and worthiness


  • Accept yourself for who you are and show up authentically

  • Have a voice, stand up for yourself and for what you believe in

  • Accept criticism and praise without depending on it or taking it personally


These Transformational  sessions usually sell for $450 but during February and March you can work with me for $330

Numbers are strictly limited so Book Now to secure your sessions

After you book and pay, Kim will email you her calendar to schedule your 3 sessions

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