PROJECT 2019 - Food Freedom


Is it Time to End Emotional Eating, Stop Sugar Cravings and Reset Your Emotional Relationship with Food

So you can lose the weight for good?

  • Have you tried just about every diet known to man - and you are still trying to lose weight?

  • Are you an emotional eater?

  • Do you crave sugar - or maybe fatty food - or cakes - or sweets? 

Why Can't you Lose the Weight?

It’s not like you haven’t tried to lose weight. You’ve tried just about every diet known to man. You exercise and try to eat healthier, but sometimes it seems like you have zero willpower. And even if you lose weight, you end up gaining it all back ... plus more!! 

If you have been struggling with losing weight for a while now - there is something more going on!


Your body may be holding onto the weight for hidden emotional reasons. ​


Tell me - What are you really hungry for?

When we are an 'emotional eater', we turn to food to cope with stress, anxiety, difficult feelings, loneliness and boredom. 


  • We have a disagreement with our partner and the next thing we have eaten a whole tub of ice cream

  • We are feeling bored and we eat a whole packet of Oreo's.

  • We have had a tough day at work and head to the fridge - the next thing we have eaten most of that left over cheesecake

  • We are feeling lonely and end up eating to help us feel better

  • We look like we are going well on our new eating plan, but  we 'sneak' food when no- one is looking


How many times as a child were you told not to cry and given a biscuit or other treat to help you feel better?

​Most of us don’t go straight for an apple or salad when we are hurting emotionally, needing comfort, stressed, anxious or bored. 


Eating was our way of being loved, food was available when no-one else was.

Is it Time For a Better Way?

Project 2019 - Food Freedom will help you to

finally lose the weight for good

Project 2019 Food Freedom will help you to not only end your cravings for sugar and help you to Stop Emotional Eating,  you’ll learn to nurture yourself without turning to food and to address your soul’s hunger. You will also discover the Mindset tools needed to transform your body, mind, and heart into your most healthy, empowered, radiant self

PROJECT 2019 - Food Freedom is for both Women & Men who are ready to get to the core of Emotional Eating and Sugar & Food Cravings!

When we’ve finally had enough and decide that things are going to be different, EVERYTHING changes.

If you have tried diet after diet with no success, if you crave sugar and other foods or are an emotional eater - Isn't it time to try a new approach?

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about PROJECT 2019 Food Freedom so 2019 will be the year you Released the Weight For Goo