Heartbreak to Happiness

Helping You to Heal the Past, Re-Write your Story and Reclaim Your Joy


Sometimes life throws us 'curve balls' that stop us in our tracks & make us lose our confidence


Welcome! I work with Smart, Savvy Women who have have gone through a difficult divorce or breakup that has rocked their confidence and self belief. They have been through a lot  - but they still have a DREAM 


Gorgeous, whatever or who-ever it was that eroded your confidence and self belief, it's time to know your worth!! It's time to  RE-WRITE your Story and CLAIM your Crown as Queen of Your Own Life!


Difficult Breakups and Divorce can rock our confidence and belief in ourselves ​

  • The world doesn’t feel safe anymore.

  • You no longer trust others.

  • You may question your judgment & your self-worth.

  • Your self esteem may feel shattered 

  • You wonder if you will ever love again

  • Maybe you wonder if love is for everyone else - but not for you

  • You may experience shame, confusion and anxiety

  • Relationships feel difficult and/or dangerous

  • You self-sabotage when things are going well

  • You seem to attract players and/or unavailable men/women

  • You may feel insecure and/or needy in Relationships

To create a fulfilling, lasting, romantic relationship,

 you have to let go of all of the old hurts, sadness, anger and resentments. 

Otherwise you will continually self- sabotage when things start getting good!

The Great News is: When we heal the past,everything changes.​ While we cannot change the actual experience of something that has happened in the past, we can change how that experience is structured in our brain and therefore how the memory is experienced when recalled.

Hi, Gorgeous! I am Kim Gillespie and I really do know what you are going through! My divorce left my self-esteem and self-belief shattered

I help women and men just like you to comfortably and easily release past trauma and relationship heartache, so they can open their hearts to let love in.

My specialty is helping Women and Men heal from:

  • Painful Divorces and Breakups

  • Grief

  • Sexual Trauma such as Rape and Assault 

Because when you Heal  the Past -

You Transform the Future

Are You Ready To:

  • Identify and heal the emotional wounds we carry over from the past so that they won't sabotage present-day relationships

  • HEAL old stories that are holding you back ( such as 'I'm not good enough'/'I'm not love-able'/'love is for other people -not me'/ 'It will all fall apart again') and release them​​

  • SHED the Emotional Armour​

  • TRANSFORM Your Pain into Freedom

  • HEAL  your Heart


  • Discover Self-care routines to increase your energy, focus, and ability to relax


  • Find hopeful meaning and purpose as you move toward the future

  • Rebuild your world and reclaim hope​



I’m Kim Gillespie, a Certified Counselor, Grief Counselor, Coach, Hypnotherapist , EFT & NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. What I offer is transformational work that goes beyond 'typical talk therapy'.


You see, like you, I know what it is like to experience heart-break and trauma & I have 'Healed My Heart' after a messy divorce and am now in love with an amazing man, we travel the world together and will be married in May 2020 .... and it is now my life's work to help others like you, to overcome past relationship heartbreak, transcend relationship insecurity and create the life and also the relationship they deeply desire. 


You will find the techniques I use are extremely gentle and the results are lasting and permanent. 

If this is resonating with you, I would like to offer you a FREE  30 minute 'Heal Your Heart Discovery Session', where we will talk about what has happened in your past and whether 'Heart-Break to Happiness' is a good fit for you

Image by frank mckenna