Are you feeling stuck?

Do you feel like life is taking you around and around in circles?

What if the key to living the life of your dreams

lies in healing the wounded child inside of you?

Welcome! Most of us don't even know we have an inner child let alone knowing that our inner child is wounded, but it is becoming more and more clear to psychologists, therapists and healers that our 'Inner Child' is at the root of most of the challenges we face in our life, career and relationships!

You wouldn’t let a four-year old drive your car would you?

And yet, for many of us this is exactly who is in the driver’s seat of our lives.

With a wounded inner child many of us have underlying sense of anxiety or feeling of unease. We wear masks, people please, withdraw, enable, rescue, jump to negative conclusions, act out or become passive aggressive. Or, rather than feeling open, fully alive and free, we feel imprisoned, stuck, stagnant, or weighed down.

When we heal our Inner Child - The SHIFT HAPPENS! 

We become unstoppable, we feel more confident and let go of feeling 'not good enough' ,doors open up, careers & relationships transform,

and we start manifesting new possibilities ... quickly!

The benefits of Healing Your Inner Child Include:

  • HEALING the Mother/Father Wound'

  • END feeling 'not good enough' , not worthy/loveable etc

  • FREEING yourself from emotional baggage you have been carrying for years

  • Renewed Enthusiasm for life

  • Positive changes in your CAREER or BUSINESS  (you no longer 'feel like a failure' , procrastinate or hide)

  • Feeling MORE SELF-COMPASSION and new levels of SELF-LOVE

  • Feel more SECURE in Romantic Relationships

  • Being able to ENJOY LIFE and have fun again


  • RECLAIM your Authentic Power

  • Know at a deep level 'YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH'

Inner Child Healing is a powerful way to heal & clear what is keeping you stuck as an adult!

You will quickly move from a place of confusion, anger, helplessness, powerlessness
to self love, gratitude and power. 
Ready to dive in and create a life you love?
Heal Your Inner Child is a 60 Minute session with Kim by phone or skype.
After you pay via paypal, Kim will be in touch to book your session

NOTE: This session is carefully structured to safely re-connect with your wounded inner child, to release his/her pain and to make peace with the past and re-design your future.


Kim has been specifically trained in this healing process.


I have found that just one session of Inner child Healing

will produce powerful shift for my clients.