3 Journaling Exercises to Help You Find Purposeful Work

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

1. Start With Who You Are

Planning your next career move has to start with who you are. My personal belief is that you should look at the intersection of Your Purpose, Your Talents, and Your Passion.

you need to consider three things:

1.Your Purpose — What’s needed in the world that you’re uniquely poised to provide?

2.Your Talents — What are your gifts?

3.Your Passion — What do you love? What would make you wake up every morning, excited and ready to work?

For a truly fulfilling work life, you need to start by understanding your talents and your passions. You can then see where those gifts are needed and discover your purpose.

2. My Ideal Day

Another way to begin accessing who you are is by thinking about what you would do if you could do anything you wanted. Imagine that you don’t have to worry about money or children or spouses or friends or parents. You were able to do just what YOU wanted to do. How would you spend that time? Would you spend it alone or around other people? What activities would you engage in? How would you organize your time? What projects would you start?

3. Free Write on “I Want . . . “

Write the phrase “I want . . . ” at the top of a new journal page. Then just let yourself go without thinking about what you want from work. Don’t try to analyze or think. Just write. Let your mind flow from one thought into another. Keep the pen moving across the page. If you get stuck on what you want, then write “I don’t know what I want . . . ” or “I think I want . . . ” and just keep things moving until a thought of what you really DO want comes to you. You may have to write “I don’t know” 10 times before a new thought emerges. That’s OK. The point is to keep the pen flowing to bypass that critical brain.

Keep this up until you’re certain that you’ve written down everything you can think of. Force yourself to keep going until you’re truly empty. Then go back and read through what you’ve written. Underline, circle, highlight key phrases. Make notes or add to your thoughts. This will become valuable fodder as you think about your passions and your gifts.

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