How to Rewrite Your Story & Design Your Life

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Do you ever feel like you made a wrong turn in life?

If so, you are not alone. Every day, women tell me that they aren’t living the life they want and they think it’s too late to turn back and take the other path.

The great news is that it is never too late to Re-Write Your Story and Design Your Life!

Your life is like a movie. It’s filled with many scenes or stories that make up your journey.

Some of the chapters ( or scenes) may be positive and some negative, some may have been sad or traumatic – but they all contribute to what you believe about yourself today, and how you live your life.

Does your story of who you are and what you can do make you stronger

— or hold you back?

Are you the Heroine of your Story … or the victim?

Stories can be positive and inspire us to show up confidently and authentically, or they can be negative - like people always let me down, I’m not good enough, I’m terrible with money – your negative stories become self fulfilling prophecies and convince us that we’ll never have what we want.

  • If you are telling yourself a story about what a failure you are, you don't go for opportunities that come your way, you hold yourself back and you don't believe that good things can ever come to you, so you don't even try.

  • If you attract relationships where you are abandoned – then you may have the inner story of people always leave me

  • If you are struggling with money – maybe you have a story that money is evil or you don’t deserve abundance

Let's try an experiment, think about something you desire .... 

Maybe it is More Money? Love? A New Job? A Business? Better Health? Weight Loss?

Now listen to the stories you tell yourself about why you cannot achieve it!

  • What is the old disempowering story that you hold on to?

  • Is this story serving you?

  • Is this story Empowering?

  • Are you the heroine or the victim?

  • Are you happy with the person who has the starring role?

  • Is it time to stop letting your old story determine your life?

  • What old stories are ready to be released?

The good news is that you are the author of your story. You are the one walking your path and navigating the terrain of your journey. You are the one who writes the story and you have the ability to change the narrative at any time.

How to Re-Write Your Story

1. The first step is realizing you have one. In this step we look at the life you have created and the patterns that have played out. What ‘scenes’ are most noticeable or defining?

2. The next step is healing the past & learning to challenge your beliefs about them. eg. a divorce (or similar traumatic event) offers you the opportunity to define yourself as a survivor or a victim

3. The final step is to REWRITE Your REALITY - I call this Igniting the 'Ohh-La-La Factor'


You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your story

You are so much more …

If you are ready to STOP listening to those old stories

If you are ready to HEAL the Past

If it is time to WRITE a NEW Empowered Story

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Love Kim xxx