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Women Rising is a new exclusive free community for Passion Driven Women who have a DREAM. A safe Sisterhood with other like-minded Women who are ready to let go of Self Doubt, Upgrade their Confidence & Money Mindset and Level-up in their Life, Business & Career - Join us here

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In Numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number, which holds a unique energetic influence and imprint. We all feel this energy, and it’s called the Universal Year. A Universal Year

The Gift of Self-Confidence

Sarah had low self-confidence all of her life. An undiagnosed reading disorder meant she struggled in school and college. But despite this Sarah was able to shine at work where she was a book cover de

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Women Rising is a free community for Women who are ready to Let Go of Self Doubt, Upgrade their Confidence & Manifest the Life they Dream of

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