Self Care While Self Isolating

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

“And the people stayed home and read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still, and listened more deeply. Some meditated. Some prayed. Some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently. And the people healed.” By Kitty O’Meara.

We are in unprecedented times, so many of us are feeling scared, uncertain and anxious.

We have all been affected by Covid 19 in some way - whether that is through self isolation and social distancing .... some of us may have lost jobs and are wondering how we will manage, some may know someone who has Corona Virus - maybe some of you have lost a loved one? For me I am social distancing and have had to postpone my Wedding which was due to take place on the 2nd May

Right now, the most important thing any of us can do is practice social distancing, but this can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.

But instead of seeing self distancing and social isolation as something bad, maybe we can turn it around to see it as something that will benefit us?

How many times have you said “I’m so busy" or “I wish I had time to do that”?

This is the time to do things you’ve been wishing you could do.

So, make the most of your time by getting your mind off the negativity and news, and onto something positive and productive.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Create a sense of ritual / routine by organizing activities during the day. Hold on to whatever routine you can…. It might be your morning coffee or taking the dog for a walk. Get out of your PJ's - have a shower and put on some bright colours. In a time when we have less control over our life - having a structured day gives a sense of routine and order helps calm the brain.

  • Take a Deep Breath - we breathe more shallowly when we are stressed and anxious - whenever you start to feel anxious, take a breath in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth with a slow audible 'ahhhh sigh' - this helps to release oxytocin and activate the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Exercise every day - If you’re still able to, go outdoors go for a walk – many Gyms and Yoga studios are offering free online classes at present or just check out some on YouTube. Exercise releases feel good endorphins into the body and is great for your mental health.

  • Start a 30-day challenge eg : 20 squats a day, drink 6 glasses of water a day, a yoga challenge, journaling every day, gratitude challenge etc ( download my FREE Gratitude Journal Here )

  • Do that online course you have been putting off

  • Make a vision board - start to think about what you would like your life to be like when this is over - buy some cardboard and start dreaming ( If you would like to connect to your Life Purpose - I am offering my Soul Fire Life Purpose Session for $60 AUD ( approx $36 USD) - this normally retails for $97 - Click Here to learn more )

  • Play with your Pets - or maybe even 'foster a pet'. It's amazing how stress disappears when you are petting an animal!

  • Spending all this extra time with your spouse is wonderful, there is all this extra time to talk, laugh together, cuddle, make love ... but sometimes we need our own space ... make sure you also include some 'me time', whether that is a walk on your own, retreating to another room to read, or going out on your own to do the groceries etc

  • Give your house a ‘spring clean’ - declutter those cupboards and do all those jobs you have been putting off

  • Read a book ( or 2 or 3 !!)

  • Write your book

  • Rest and take more naps

  • Meditate, Pray

  • Get online and set up a face-to-face meeting with your neighbours, family members, friends and co-workers through Skype, Zoom or any platform that offers it - my friend organized an Online Friday Afternoon Champagne and Chat last week

  • Watch movies or a series that uplifts you, or makes you laugh - studies show that smiling and laughing drastically increases immunity.

  • Host a virtual movie night for your friends or family. Choose a movie on TV or Netflix, then, have everyone get on Skype or FaceTime so you can watch, react to, and talk about the movie together.

  • Make time for PLAY - What would bring you JOY while staying at home? Board games, reading books, making home-cooked meals, cooking cakes, making candles, listening to music, painting, daily walks, knitting, etc?

  • BE KIND! Perform Random Acts of Kindness - this increases all of our 'feel good hormones' - Give your neighbours a call to make sure that they’re safe and have everything that they need. If you’ll be going to the grocery store or pharmacy, call them beforehand to see if you can pick anything up for them, saving them a trip to the store. Say Thank you to staff at the Grocery Store and Chemist - you might even like to give them some chocolates or flowers

  • Make sure you have periods of the day that are media (including social media) free. So much of what we hear on social media and the news is sensationalized and can contribute to anxiety.

  • Reach out for help if you need it - be that a friend, a relative, a Doctor or Therapist

Lifeline Australia - 13 11 14

Remember we are all in this together. Focusing on what you can control is powerful and empowering. It may be limited right now, but you can always find something to help you feel happier and more like yourself again.

Do you have any other ideas? Comment below on what you are doing to look after yourself and pass the time?

Love Kim xxx

Kim is a Life Purpose Intuitive ~ Self Esteem Counsellor ~  Healer & Spiritual Warrior