What's Your Next?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We are living in a time when many women just like you are starting to feel a change come over them. You may question things you've accepted for a long time, you may feel an inner restlessness... a change that is telling you "It's time for something different"

When we feel 'off track'. it is simply our soul begging us to recognize that who we are being in this world, might not be serving us anymore.

  1. What needs to change?

  2. What do you need to let go of?

  3. What parts of your life have you put on hold?

  4. What do you stand for?

  5. What fires up your soul?

  6. What inspires you?

  7. What is calling you?

  8. What's your next?

Darling, as a woman you are a creatrix

You have the ability to bring forth a child

You have the ability to birth a new vision for your life

You have the ability to MANIFEST

Ask yourself this question :

If money, time, effort and all things didn't matter and I knew I would succeed ... what kind of life would I want?

What do you want? The brain is always looking for a problem to solve - so give it a goal that will move your life forward

Every morning ask yourself... "Who do I want to BE today"

Imagine the future you that is living her purpose and loving her life - do your current actions align with that? What can you do to embody that future version of you?

Darling it's time to stop settling and remember what you were created to become!

If you are ready to STOP Settling, to Dream BIG and Manifest a life you love my new program FEMME-Manifesting starts on the 28th December 2020 - learn more and book your place here.

Love Kim xxx

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