Make a Shift to a Life that is Truly Aligned with Your Souls Calling


Connect to Your Inner Wisdom + Rise

Connect to a place within yourself that celebrates, nurtures and honors your unique ray of light. This journey is about shifting your internal universe to align with your core frequency of radiance and power inspiring you to manifest a new reality.  


invite you join me in a circle of powerful creators who are ready to make a shift to a life that is truly aligned with their souls calling. I have spent the last 20 years at the feet of master teachers of Yoga and Tantra. I have learned how to incorporate sacred practices that helped to support and inform my success as a Hollywood film producer. I utilized these powerful technologies of transformation to propel my own transition from film producer to a life that is aligned with my dharma, filled with beauty and abundance and allows me to inspire by sharing the tools of self-mastery, self-care and self-knowledge. I am here to support you in gaining clarity around the patterns that have kept you stuck and to assist you in reclaiming and then nurturing your unique gifts. Together we will move through limiting patterns, access our personal healing image and remember our true radiance. You may already know how you are called to share your light with the world, but something is holding you back. It's time for you to rise and activate transformation and expansion within. In this circle we all rise together. Join me if you are ready to create momentum towards manifesting a new way of showing up in the world that will shift the trajectory of your life. – Tracee Stanley, Founder of Empowered Life