Soul Purpose Alignment


We all have a Life Purpose


Are you living yours? 

A Soul Purpose Alignment Session is the Roadmap you have been searching for

Imagine, knowing your Life Purpose,  the challenges that may be blocking you AND the exact potential you have inside of you?

Most people that book a Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

come to me asking the following questions:


  • I'm at a crossroads and feel lost. I'd love some Direction to help me know what path to take

  • There is an aspect of my life that is not working - I need some clarity

  • I know I'm here for a bigger reason... I just don't know what it is!


  • I  feel I'm here to be or do something more with my life. I just need some clarity to know what are the next steps 

  • I already have a business ... am I on the right track?

Your soul came here with a plan to live a fabulous life


If you would like to know that you are on the right path... to have a deeper understanding of what you are here for, what your purpose is... to have a deeper appreciation of what holds you back and how you can overcome it and to understand what it is you have come here to learn, a Soul Purpose Alignment Reading can help.  


My mission is to empower you to step up, escape from what is holding you back

and live a life true to your Life Purpose

I believe we each come in with a special set of gifts that are completely unique to us. 


If you are ready to Uncover Your Life Purpose, Get Aligned with Your Vision and Manifest the Life you Desire , I am offering a private powerful 60 minute Soul Purpose Alignment Reading with me to start 2021 off with a BANG!


This transformational session will help you to:


  • Uncover your UNIQUE MISSION on this planet


  • UNCOVER your SOUL's PURPOSE and Discover what you were Born to Do

  • UNCOVER hidden challenges that may be keeping you from achieving your dreams

  • Gain CLARITY and direction

  • Identify at least one step you can easily take to move forward fast!

Book Your Soul Purpose Alignment  Session Today 

The Soul Purpose Alignment Reading is a Live In-Person reading via ZOOM and takes 60 minutes. Kim works with clients throughout the world, so it makes no difference where you're located

Sessions are completely individualised and utilize Numerology, and will help you gain clarity about what you are here to do, what your blocks are and how to show up in the world authentically

COST - The Soul Purpose Reading is normally $97 - but through December 2020 and January 2021 you can book a 60 minute Reading for $60 (approximately $45 USD) 

Click on the button below to book and pay for your Reading and let us know where you're located and what dates and times would suit you best. Kim will then contact you to confirm a time and date that works for you. 

If you’re excited to discover what you are here to do and to get total clarity on how to weave your work into the world, then click the button and let’s create some magic!

It's time to listen to that inner whisper

It's time to uncover your Authentic Self

It's time to Life Your Purpose

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