Noosa Wise Woman - Menopause Circle

The Empowered Life Circle is a commitment to thriving. Together we will revitalize our life's purpose and incorporate sacred rituals, practices and practical business tools that will allow us to create the life, business or relationship that our heart truly desires. If this idea scares or excites you it's your time to RISE.

  • An invitation to every woman to reclaim her sacredness, her power and her gift of feminine wisdom.

  • A practice of feminine embodiment and life-force activation to promote health and wellness, wise and compassionate living.

Opening to more aliveness than you ever thought possible


Expanding your capacity to receive

How to embody that which you desire now

“Each time WOMEN gather in CIRCLES with each other the world HEALS a little more.”
— Wild Woman Sisterhood
That allows you to thrive spiritually and emotionally,
That’s rich with connection & feminine wisdom 
And that gives you that indescribable feeling of being home?

The Noosa Wise Woman's Circle offers a safe and gentle space for women who have transitioned or are transitioning into moon pause, the last phase of a woman’s rite of passage. In our common language this is the menopausal transition of life.
Menopause is a time when a woman begins to step fully into her wisdom. The wisdom that she has gathered in her life, she is The Wise Woman - The Crone
Gather with like-minded women to reclaim menopause as an adventure in spiritual maturation, so you can come home to yourself, liberate your power and stand for Life

Our Circle is a space to breathe, to remember, to awaken & to weave magic in your life
Our Circle is about creating a culture of nourished, empowered and connected women
Our Circle is a space where women support and encourage each other to GROW, EXPAND and step FULLY into their POWER
It is a space to breathe
A space to re-vitalize your body, mind and soul
To remember
To awaken
To weave magic in our lives

“Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.” Alexandra Pope


The Wise Woman Circle is a gathering for women who have transitioned or are transitioning into moon pause, the last phase of a woman’s rite of passage.  In our common language this is the menopausal transition of life.
It’s this time when a woman begins to step fully into her wisdom. The wisdom that she has gathered in her life, through all her experiences. 
Gather with like-minded women to reclaim menopause as a spiritual adventure,so you can come home to yourself, liberate your power and stand for Life

What Is Circle Space?
Throughout history, women have gathered every month – it was their time to come away from their everyday and be with the community woman. They shared rich conversations, spoke their truth, healed their hurts, ate the fruits of life, and drank healing tea and most probably luscious wine.
They were offered comfort in times of pain, rejoiced in times of celebration, they danced, the laughed, they cried and they unplugged from their everyday lives. 
Rites of passage were honoured with simple ritual and love, from the collective wisdom of shared experience and from the women who had already walked those journeys. It was a well- spring of deep nourishment, rejuvenation, connection with self, other and to the divine feminine.
When you join other women in circle, you are held in the nurturing power of the collective energy 
Our circles are meant to create spaces to laugh, connect and renew. We learn how to hold space and share in gatherings created specifically to build connection and sisterhood.
Together, we can create a space where we know we are understood and where we know our voice is valued.

Each Month: 
New focus' and themes every month
Guest speakers, activities and a mix of meditation and movement.
The evening consists of group sharing, journaling, partner sharing and a mindful flower ritual that we did together. 




What to Expect in one of our circles:
Dress comfortably 
•    Bring a journal and pen as there will be time for self-reflective journaling. This is an invitation for self-discovery to tune into what your heart, body and mind have to say.
•    Wear comfortable easy clothes.
•    Bring a pillow, yoga mat, shawl or blanket

What happens: 
We sit together—creating a supportive and inclusive space to break free from the craziness of everyday life and allow time for quiet self-reflection.
We listen—without judgment, without advice or trying to “fix” anything.
This is not a networking event or support group but something much deeper and soulful. Open minds and open hearts are welcome.  No previous experience is necessary. 


You will leave feeling nourished, nurtured and supported.
Slow down and tune inwards
Become more present and mindful
Be seen, heard and nurtured in a safe and conscious space
Be guided towards greater self awareness and personal power
Consciously explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions
Experience mindful practices, reflective journalling and collective sister sharing
Set powerful intentions
Connect with likeminded women
A community of women to guide you, inspire you, challenge you and support you.  Let them be your medicine.  We can do hard things together.
•It’s a safe space for women to be vulnerable, sharing their tears and laughter together.
• REDUCES ISOLATION: Sitting in Circle with women fosters connection and eliminates isolation.
• DEEP CONNECTION: Women’s Circles allow us to see beyond stories, without judgement for others or ourselves.
• ACCESS TO A SUPPORT NETWORK: Sharing emotional bonds, knowing that a group of women have ‘got your back’ is positive for your health and wellbeing.
• FRIENDSHIP FORMING: Friendships can be established or deepened within circle, you’ll meet women you may never have crossed paths within your everyday life.
• AUTHENTICITY: Honour and celebrate your successes, challenges and struggles by sharing from the heart.
• HEALING: Deep listening and being held by the feminine during this process can be cathartic and liberating.
• SELF AFFIRMING: By making a declaration that this time is sacred for you and that YOU are worthy of that which fills your cup. It becomes a space to invest in your Self… and others.
Connect with your WildWise woman within and discover her secret desires—and how to fulfill them
Reawaken your juicy soul gifts and identify the social conditioning, judgments, and expectations that may be stifling their full expression
Align with the intuitive flow and divine intelligence of the goddesses within to catalyze greater self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-sovereignty
Harness the power of your inner passions for soul-aligned manifestation so your dreams become reality as quickly as possible
Heed the call of your primal nature and her inherent wisdom, confidence, power, and ineffable presence