Women Rising 
Women's Circle Noosa

Life has a way of pushing & pulling you, 
until you finally say ..... It's Time For Me

Gorgeous, it's only when we stop our Do, Do, Do,
and come together as women to simply BE
Is when we heal ourselves & the world


Gathering in sacred circle is a healing balm for the soul
Come back to the depths of yourself; experience Deep Journeying Meditation, Intention Setting and  Sacred Rituals. 
Join us as we gather in circle to Honour, Reclaim and Remember the Beautiful Wild and Wise Woman Within

Welcome Gorgeous Woman! 


Are you longing to be part of a powerful & supportive community of Women, that allows you to thrive spiritually and emotionally? 


A Community that’s rich with connection & feminine wisdom and that gives you that feeling of being home?


The Woman Rising Circle is about creating a culture of nourished, empowered and connected women

Our Circle is a space where women support and encourage each other to GROW, EXPAND and step FULLY into their POWER.


It is a space to breathe, to remember, to awaken & to weave magic in your life

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Next Circle - February 2022 

Succulent, Wild, Sexy & Sensual -  “A succulent wild woman is one at any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her Life” - Sark.


Join us as we RECLAIM our juiciness, our wildness, our sensuality and our pleasure


When: Feb 2022

Time: 2pm - 4pm 

Where: Noosaville QLD (address given on Registration)

Cost: $25

What to Expect in our circles:


  • A SUPPORTIVE and INCLUSIVE space to break free from the craziness of everyday life 

  • A safe space for women to share their tears and laughter

  • Movement & Embodied practices to RELEASE old stuck energy 

  • Manifesting techniques to CALL IN & RECEIVE your Desires

  • Meditation and quiet time for your nervous system to rest and reset

  • Simple but Powerful Sacred Feminine practices​

  • Reflection and journalling questions to support your personal needs and goals

  • A space to share, feel heard, valued and loved

  • Friendship, Community & Connection - Friendships can be established or deepened within circle, you’ll meet women you may never have crossed paths within your everyday life

  • Connect with your WildWise woman within and discover her secret desires—and how to fulfill them

  • Reawaken your juicy soul gifts and identify the social conditioning, judgments, and expectations that may be stifling their full expression

  • Align with  intuitive flow


The Women Rising Circle is for Women who are: 

  • Longing for a SAFE, NOURISHING SPACE to Reset & REFILL Their Cup ​​

  • Desiring a space to TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS and be CELEBRATED for who you are

  • Wanting to CONNECT with their wise, creative, inspired and empowered selves

  • Ready for change and ready to make changes

  • Longing for more Joy, Juiciness and Adventure

  • Ready to RECLAIM their SACREDNESS and Gifts of FEMININE WISDOM

  • Wanting a COMMUNITY of like minded women to guide you, inspire you, challenge you and support you

  • Ready to stand together with courage and birth a new paradigm of female leadership through the heart

'In another woman's strength, may we see our own.
In another woman's fear, may our own become more acceptable.' Molly Remer

We all struggle with the same challenges of fear, overwhelm and not-enough-ness, and we all have dreams and longings for freedom and peace and happiness in our lives. Deep healing and transformation can happen when a person is ‘seen’ and supported with love by others, whilst they navigate life’s challenges.

Let the layers fall away

It is time to RISE

New focus and themes every month

December 2021 - Release and Let Go of 2021, Old Stories and Beliefs 

January  2022 - Activate + Manifest 2022

February 2022 - Succulent, Wild, Sexy & Sensual -  ( just in time for Valentines Day ) “A succulent wild woman is one at any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her Life” - Sark.


March 2022 - Love Your Body ~ Love Your Life - This Circle will be Power-Full. Experience a powerful ritual to release criticism,shame and judgement about your body & give yourself permission to be who you are, where you are, and how you are, regardless of the things outside influences have made you believe.

April 2022 - Plant wisdom & Aromatherapy for everyday life with Glenda

May 2022 - Self Care for Busy Women

June 2022 - The Feminine Art of Receiving 

  • Endings & New Beginnings

  • The Heroine's Journey

  • Release work for letting go of limiting self-beliefs  ( I call it the Fu#k it Principle!! ) 

  • Breaking through Fear

  • Confidence

  • Self Care​​

  • Sex, Desire, Libido & Relationships

  • Pleasure, Joy & Happiness - How to 'Get your Sexy Back'​​

  • Life Purpose

  • Manifesting

  • Plant Wisdom + Aromatherapy

  • Claiming Your Power



What is a Women's Circle?

Throughout history, women have gathered every month – it was their time to come away from the everyday.  They shared rich conversations, spoke their truth & healed their hurts. They were offered comfort in times of pain, rejoiced in times of celebration, they danced, the laughed, they cried and they unplugged from their everyday lives. It was a well- spring of deep nourishment, rejuvenation, connection with self, others and to the divine feminine. It is a space where we know we are understood and where we know our voice is valued.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of The Millionth Circle and Urgent Message From Mother predicts that when we have millions of circles in the world, we will shift from a patriarchal society to one that is based on equality.


When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other. When we transform ourselves – when we wake up to our feminine power – we bring a new consciousness to our families and our communities. When our families and communities become more conscious, we change society.

Image by Maria Velniceriu