Hello, I'm Kim

Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Self Care Rituals to Help You to Heal, Nourish Your Soul and Reclaim Your Spark

Hello Gorgeous, my name is Kim 

I'm so glad you're here


Right now, you might be experiencing Grief, Insomnia, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or just completely burned out.

I created Savvy Inspired Women over 10 years ago to hold space for Women as they HEAL the past and re-connect more deeply to their heart, intuition, soul & life purpose.

​My Mission is to help You to Re-Ignite Your Light and Experience More Peace & Joy in your Life

Vibrant Living

​Noosa Reiki & Chakra Balance 
Experience an ENERGETIC RE-BOOT to help you to CLEAR Old Stagnant Energy, so you can welcome in more Aliveness, Freedom, Joy & Abundance in 2022

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Holistic Stress & Anxiety Help

f you've been more stressed or anxious or depressed during the past year or two, I think you probably know you're not alone.


 Life can be demanding as we deal with a multitude of stressors, such as working long hours, non stop emails and notifications, coping with financial issues,  parenting, caring for aging parents not to mention navigating a pandemic.

Stress is a normal part of life but when prolonged, it may have negative effects on our health. 

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Grief & Loss

Understanding & Support for People Experiencing Grief.​

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Overcome Insomnia


Do You Want to Overcome Insomnia, Improve Your Sleep and Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Refreshed? 

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Woman Rising ~ Women's Circle

Step back into the ancient art of the Woman's Circle.

Kim will call you back to the depths of yourself; guiding you through a Deep Journeying Meditation, Intention Setting and  Sacred Rituals.  Join us as we gather in circle to Honour, Reclaim and Remember the Beautiful Wild and Wise Woman Within

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